Why Gentle Yoga?

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Why Gentle Yoga?

Gentle yoga is a class that has an emphasis on building mindful awareness through the breath. Asanas (poses) are practiced at a slower pace with a focus on form, modifications, breathwork and building strength gradually. If you are recovering from injury, pregnant or seeking balance with a softer and relaxing practice, these types of classes are appropriate for you.

Why you should try gentle yoga:

  1. You are new to yoga and scared you can’t do all the poses. This class is an excellent place to start (and continue) a yoga practice. You will learn the basic poses and modifications without the intimidation that might come with more challenging poses.


  1. You feel burnt out and want to move a little bit, but not a lot. Life is beating you down, and you need time away to recharge and replenish. A little bit of movement can help the body relax and renew.


  1. You had a training or athletic event and want to stretch. Your body feels tight and sore, and you need some movement to feel more limber, relaxed and continue your regular workout routine.

We offer Gentle Yoga on Mondays at 7 pm with Chelsea, Tuesdays at 9:15 am with Deborah, Thursdays at 9:15 am with Bethany, Saturdays at 7:30 am with Christy. Join us on the mat and embrace gentle yoga!

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