Pre-Yoga Nourishment



Many studios and teachers advise not to eat 2 hours before class begins. This is because it can get uncomfortable when we twist and move our bodies around. It can also be more comfortable to get into poses like plow or supported child’s pose on an empty belly. However, some of us are on the go in between responsibilities, teach back to back classes, don't want to eat too late if we take evening classes, or need a little pick me up before class begins to help sustain us through a yoga practice. We asked our teachers for recommendations on what to eat before a practice and listed are some responses:

1. Bananas. Many of us eat a banana before class begins. It's a great way to get some fuel without feeling full, so you don't upchuck in downward facing dog.

2. Smoothie or freshly squeezed juice. Some our favorite recipes include protein, fruit and veggies. Pictured is a smoothie recipe that has: strawberries, blueberries, avocado, hemp seeds, almond milk, almond butter and dates for a little sweetness.

3. Granola bar

4. Hummus with veggies or crackers

5. Nuts – a handful of almonds

If there’s something you recommend to nourish your practice, please share!

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