Clean Your Feed


Clean Your Feed

by Katherine Huynh
As a small business owner, I receive a lot of information – phone calls, emails, social media message, and fly by personal contact. To manage the information coming in, I create healthy and clean boundaries so have energy to focus on what really matters to me. These are my tips on keeping your virtual feeds clean:

1. Hide or unsubscribe from unhealthy posts. As someone who loves food, I hide unhealthy food porn, people bashing, complaints, and anything I find negative. It’s a waste of energy and it brings me down on so many levels. So, I set the boundary for that type of info to not even enter my feeds.

Regularly clear your cache and browser history because social media sites regularly change their filtering methods. Unsubscribe from sites that might tempt you to buy something you do not need.

2. Set up a Google Voicemail. It’s FREE and it transcribes the message.

a. In case you’re in a meeting, you can discreetly read the message and prioritize the response.
b. Set up a voice mail message that directs your clients to your website to find the most frequently asked questions. Make those answers easily accessible on your website. If a caller still has a question, they’ll call you back and (hopefully) leave a message. This helps me screen calls, save time and avoid answering the question “What’s your schedule?” a gazillion times a week.
c. I get a lot of solicitation. Having a Google voicemail is like a barrier. It helps me discern what calls are personal and what is business; what needs my attention and what doesn’t.

3. Like you should recycle and sort your trash, do the same for your Inbox. Create different folders for items and prioritize the nature of the email. For example, any email that would take me less than 2 minutes to answer, I answer immediately. Emails that are references I put in a file to read later. Emails that I am waiting for answers on, I delete because I already have a thread of the email in my sent mail or the ball is in the receiver’s court.

These tips are helpful for almost anyone – business owner or not. I hope with these tips, you can find extra time in your day to focus on things that really matter to you.

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