Chair Yoga – Something for Everyone

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Chair Yoga – Something for Everyone

Chair Yoga: Something for Everyone

by Jennifer Guevarra

Chair Yoga is gaining in popularity, and for good reason! Its relaxed pace, supportive environment and focus on mobility, balance, strength and relaxation make it a great practice for beginners and experienced yogis alike! Is Chair Yoga right for you? Read on and find out!

Getting on the floor is not your favorite thing
There are so many reasons to love yoga. But for many people, getting down on the floor can be very challenging. Injuries, chronic conditions, and basic anatomy make a traditional, floor-based yoga practice unaccessible for lots of people. Practicing yoga poses from a supportive chair can help alleviate some of these issues and make practicing yoga the relaxing, feel-good experience you’ve been looking for!

You’re looking for a well-balanced practice that works in real life
Chair Yoga focuses on functional strengthening and building flexibility in the body and
centering and calming the mind. It’s great for balancing the energy of a busy lifestyle
which makes it perfect for everyone who could use an oasis of self-care to stay strong
and focused outside of the yoga studio. And you can practice it anywhere there’s a

You’re brand new to yoga or want to deepen your established practice in new
Practicing Chair Yoga can help you establish a knowledgeable and compassionate new
yoga practice that is exactly what your body and mind needs. If you have practiced yoga
for years, Chair Yoga can and give you the time and space to explore your practice in a
focused and detailed way that can enrich your practice in the chair and on the yoga mat.

With its relaxing pace, functional movements and invitation to explore your abilities to
move and meditate, it’s no wonder that Chair Yoga is becoming everyone’s new favorite practice!

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