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by Tasha Herbert

We have all been there before. Whether a student new to practice or an experienced
yogi who can do inversions in their sleep, we often times forget to breathe. And how many of
you can relate to the shifty eyes and confused expressions we take on when the teacher begins
to call out breathe cues? Peering through our soft gazes for visual instruction. It’s been said,
many times over, that breath is life. It is the first thing to enter our human bodies at birth and
the last to leave. If we let go and pause for a moment, we can recognize how easy it is to
embody this concept.

Inhale. Exhale.
These involuntary actions generally require no conscious thought yet when we are
made to bring an awareness to the breath, we lose it. Our breathing helps to regulate all
systems of the body. A natural pharmacy, with a remedy that holds no price. It helps with ease
in stressful situations, slowing down the heart rate in emotionally heightened states and
releases tension in our bodies by relaxing the muscles. With each cycle of breath, we are
offered a pause. A break. A moment of reflection, however brief. An opportunity to collect our
thoughts, coming out of our minds and into our bodies. When you find yourself here, close your
eyes and do the following: Breathe in. Breathe out. Here are just a few easy-to-follow steps to
help with breath control, both on and off the mat!

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