Back to school, back on the mat

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Back to school, back on the mat


by Katherine Huynh

As a mom and business owner, honesty, I could not wait for school to start! I love having the flexibility of both worlds – being a stay at home mom and having my own schedule. However, I’m a creature of habit, and I feel my best when I have a structure. When summer rolls around, I enjoy sleeping in, taking my time for my morning routine and I have more time with my kids to go with the flow.  This flexibility isn’t a bad thing, but I crave structure. The first thing I usually drop the ball on is me because I put everyone else’s needs first. Sound familiar? After some time, I feel less energized and more stressed and anxious. Now that the kids are heading back to school, I am getting back into my routine. I’m sure life has gotten in the way at some point for you whether you have school children or not and you feel better when you do yoga.  Here are tips to help you get back on the mat:

  1. Don’t think, just do. I can talk myself out of almost anything. I find it most helpful if I schedule my day the night before, put it in my Google calendar and set alerts. Without thinking about it, I go through the motions. For example, if I have a yoga class scheduled and I start talking myself out of it, I act. I walk myself to the car, drive to the studio, avoid checking my phone and get on my mat.
  2. Set a schedule. Plan out your days and weeks ahead and schedule yoga classes. Treat the class like you would a doctor’s appointment. View this time as an appointment with yourself to improve your health and well-being which is kind of like a doctor’s appointment.
  3. Buddy system. Recruit a friend to go to class with you. Having a support system is great in many aspects. You can keep each another accountable knowing you’re doing something healthy for your body, mind, and Along the same lines, you could also put it out there to friends on social media that you’re going to yoga. This can help you stay accountable too.
  4. Visualize the bigger picture. I can go down a rabbit hole of thoughts about what I think I should be doing and avoid yoga. For example, laundry, going to Target, or feeling guilty I’m away from my family. The laundry and Target can wait (there’s always more to do and buy, lol), and I need to let go of feeling guilty about doing something healthy for myself. Set an intention like we do in class and view this in mind as you navigate your way back on the mat. I always feel better after a yoga class. So, get out of your own way and see the bigger picture – you healthy and vibrant!

I hope these tips will help you set time in your life to get back on the mat and increase your health and well-being. ~Namaste

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