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Our Story

Katherine Huynh, owner and teacher, not only shared a love for yoga, but also a strong desire to make it accessible for everyone. She envisioned a sanctuary where one could further their yoga practice, regardless of their experience level and place for people to let go and be themselves. She dreamed of creating a space embodying the yoga spirit: kindness and compassion, honor and acceptance, non-judgment and diversity, community, and spiritual growth. A place not only promoting the continuance of one’s practice, but a place allowing others to begin their yoga journey.

In 2010, her dream became a reality with the inception of Embrace Yoga Studio, originally located in the heart of downtown Fayetteville. In 2018,  she relocated the studio to Westwood Shopping Center. A bigger space with two yoga rooms for hot and traditional unheated yoga. From the environmentally sound cork floors to the high ceilings and calming colors, Embrace Yoga strives to be more than just any yoga studio. Every visual and physical aspect, including the high-quality props available to anyone for use during their practice, has been carefully chosen by the Embrace staff.

Careful consideration is not only given to the appearance of the studio, but to each member of the Embrace staff. Our teachers are the physical embodiment of the Embrace yoga spirit; selected for their knowledge, experience, and ability to safely guide others in their practice.

Our Approach

We believe yoga is accessible to every body and that we are all unique. We embrace all yoga, all teaching methodologies and styles of yoga. What works for one person, might not work for another so we encourage you to listen to your inner teacher as we offer variations and modifications during class, regardless of the level of class. The skills that you learn in class can be practiced at home, at work, and anywhere!

Yoga can be weaved into every aspect of your life allowing for a more healthy and happy quality of life. We also believe that community and support are an important aspect of healthy living. The teachers are active in class -  we walk around the room demonstrating poses and ensuring safety and when permitted we occasionally offer hands-on assists. Yoga is important, however, it's not serious. You will hear the echoes of laughter within our space. If you have any questions, we are happy to assist and guide you on your yoga journey. We are your guides towards a more vibrant life- we aspire to empower you to make the best choice for your practice during every moment. So while we encourage safety and proper alignment, we also believe in listening to your inner guide. You are your best teacher.

Meet the Team

Our skillful and diverse teachers have at least a 200-hour level yoga teacher training in accordance with Yoga Alliance. Many have gone beyond the initial training and are experienced registered yoga teachers (minimum 2 years of teaching and 1000 teaching hours) and completed advanced  training in Yin, Restorative, Ashtanga, Baptiste Power Yoga, Meditation, Seniors, Pre/Postnatal, Core Strength Vinyasa, Yoga Sculpt, Hot, PTSD/Trauma, Yoga for Athletes, Warriors at Ease, iRest Yoga Nidra and many more. We are trained to teach all levels of students in class no matter the class. We use various teaching methods such as verbal cues, demonstration, and assists and adjustments. We believe that when you take a class, it's about you. We are active in class and generally walk around to ensure everyone is safe while providing variations so students can move at their own pace. Whether you are new to yoga or have made it a part of your lifestyle for many years, we invite you to enter the studio with a beginner’s mind and be open to the possibilities of your practice.

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