About Me


My Story

With over 20 years of yoga, management, and computer technical skills, my background is in computer science and psychology. I started yoga in the late 90s at a stressful time while I was working in the fast-paced computer software industry. I regularly exercised but yoga was the only form of movement that helped me destress and see things more clearly. Although my husband is retired Special Forces, the experience of being a military spouse greatly shapes my perspective. Yoga is my constant during the stressors of military moves, deployments, motherhood and many of life’s ups and downs.

The practice of yoga opened doorways for me - on and off the mat.  I have taught yoga since 2007 and in 2010, I opened Embrace Yoga Studio in Fayetteville, NC. I have directed the yoga studio’s teacher training program since 2013 and with the help of an amazing staff, I operated a yoga studio with two rooms – hot and not so hot with over 50 classes per week in addition to recurring yoga teacher training, workshops, and special events. In 2020, I closed the studio’s physical doors to focus on family and graduate school and I moved my teaching online. My goal is to help people embrace their potential, move beyond their comfort zones, and be the best version of themselves- on and off the yoga mat.

My Philosophy

The root of the way I live stems from yoga philosophy. Yoga is the balance of movement (sthira) and rest (sukha). While I enjoy teaching and taking various classes, the ones that resonate with me have a good balance of effort and ease. My classes vary and are taught in a light-hearted manner with emphasis on movement and breath.  My yoga practice isn’t fancy; you won't find me in a fancy arm balance or advanced inversion. I have imbalances along my spine that without the proper management of yoga, cardio and weight lifting leave me in a lot of pain. So, my classes are functional and accessible to all.

The same is applied off the mat – I strive to work productively (movement) and with ease (rest) and the same philosophy applies at home and with my interactions with others. As my husband says, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” I find deep meaning and happiness as a yoga teacher, business owner, and mother. I truly love what I do but it is not without pains. I am perfectly imperfect. My intention is to share my joys and challenges as a yogini, small business owner and mother to inspire, motivate and connect with others. By embracing yoga in our daily lives, we can live a healthy and fulfilling life in mind, body, and spirit.

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