3 reasons to meditate & the science to back it up

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3 reasons to meditate & the science to back it up

by Katherine Huynh, Owner, E-RYT

While it seems counter-intuitive to add meditation to your day, it can relieve stress, clear your mind and increase energy so that you can move through your day more efficiently and effectively. I believe in hard work and burning the midnight oil, but that mindset has led me to burn out to the point my body can’t move because of pain, or I’m sick for weeks. Nowadays, I adopt the “work smarter, not harder” outlook and meditation is a game changer.

I’ve meditated off and on but never had a consistent daily practice until recently. The last 3 weeks, I’ve meditated twice a day for 15 minutes and have noticed an enormous increase in my energy levels and work productivity. If you would like to learn more about meditation and how to incorporate it in your daily life, join me on Fridays every 4th week of the month at 4:30 PM for a meditation class. There are tons of research articles that show how meditation is beneficial. These are three reasons why I practice:

  • Meditation improves your cognition and increases focus

“One study conducted by researchers in Boston found that frequent meditation seemed to bolster the cerebral cortex of its subjects’ brains. The cortex deals with mental functions such as learning, concentration and memory.”


  • Meditation can slow the aging process

“Meditation seems to affect longevity of the physical body in a few different ways, starting at the cellular level. Scientists have isolated length of telomeres and telomerase as indicators of cellular aging. “


  • Meditation helps manage stress and anxiety

“Stress and anxiety are major triggers of depression, and meditation can alter your reaction to those feelings. “


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