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Embrace Yoga Studio is a welcoming community in Fayetteville where one could further their yoga practice, regardless of their experience level: a calm and peaceful place where one could forget about the hustle of day to day living and focus on the present alone. We offer a variety of different yoga classes that are perfect for students of all skill levels and body types. We want everyone who enters our door to immediately feel the warmth and kindness of Embrace Yoga Studio, no matter if it is your first lesson or hundredth.

Discover The Many Benefits of Yoga

The word “yoga” means “union” and refers to the union between the mind and the body. By regulating the breath and holding the body in steady poses or “asanas”, yoga creates balance within the body. Asanas are specifically designed to sculpt the body, release muscular tension, and tone internal organs. By linking breath with movement, yoga strengthens the mind-body connection. Regular participants benefit from less stress and anxiety, a focused mind, and an enhanced sense of well being. Health benefits include lower blood pressure, increased strength and flexibility, better stress management, and long-term weight loss. Regular yoga practice at Embrace Yoga Studio will cultivate mindfulness and presence for a healthier lifestyle.

We are committed to teaching yoga for every body and offer a diverse class schedule including unheated and hot yoga in order to provide a little of something for everyone. If you are healing from an injury, have a special condition, or feeling like you are inspired to slow down your practice a bit and allow it to be more naturally progressive, we have several classes that will work well for you. We also have some more power inspired options for those looking to boost their fitness and cardio. We believe that yoga can be accessible to any body, and our teachers are inspired in sustainable yoga asana – sound biomechanics for a healthy yoga practice.

At Embrace Yoga Studio, we practice the intention of yoga by treating everyone with respect and kindness. We are passionate about helping students deepen their mind/body connection, balance their bodies, heal from past physical injuries and emotional trauma, and empower personal growth. To learn more about yoga, including health benefits and how to practice different asanas, we encourage you to explore the resources available on our website. We invite you to sign up for our e-newsletter, become a friend on social media, and stay up-to-date on the exciting workshops and classes available at our yoga studio. We believe that yoga can be accessible to any body no matter your skill level. Join us and Embrace Yoga!